ONWARD (Open Network for Water-Related Diseases) is a project funded by the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) of UK and is dedicated to developing a network of scientists and stakeholders sharing a common interest in better understanding of environmental controls on outbreaks of water-related diseases; the role of societal engagement in countering it; and in forecasting, early warning and risk mapping of water-associated diseases through the use of remote sensing, field observations and mathematical modelling. Our vision is to enable cost-effective, regularly updated, geo-referenced early warning for areas vulnerable to water-associated diseases, which in turn will enable preventive measures to be deployed in a timely manner to minimise the probability of epidemics. It is an open network committed to promote better dialogue and collaboration among experts from all relevant disciplines (including, but not limited to, microbiologists, molecular biologists, environmental scientists, remote-sensing scientists, medical practitioners, and social scientists) and with stakeholders, including the general public.

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New! Opportunity: 2 year Postdoctoral Research Associate with a focus on ecosystem modelling

Relevant Publications

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